Getting new customers is expensive. But turning them into repeat buyers is essential to build a profitable business.

Your existing customers are not only easier to sell to but where the majority of your sales will come from.

Being part of the Abacus Alliance gives you a unique insight into your customers. You can understand their wider purchasing behaviour – what they are buying and how much they are spending with other companies. Essential knowledge for making the right decisions around:

  • Retaining your best customers
  • Reactivating your lapsed customers
  • Converting your enquirers into buyers
  • Identifying cross-sell opportunities
Sell more to your customers

Use the Abacus Alliance to understand the total amount your customers are spending in your category versus other ones. You can then determine customer loyalty and their discretionary spending power.

You can also discover how much your customer is spending elsewhere in your category. Then personalise your approach to encourage them to buy more from you, growing your share of wallet.

Reactivate lapsed customers

Tap in to the Abacus Alliance to discriminate between lapsed buyers who are still actively spending in the market and those who are dormant elsewhere. You can then focus only on those that offer the best opportunity to start buying from you again.

Convert Enquirers into Buyers

Someone who has shown an interest your business is different from a cold prospect and must be treated differently.

Using the Abacus Alliance, you can focus on those people most likely to respond to your offer, based on what they are buying from other companies. You can also identify those unlikely to be interested, suppressing them so you don’t waste your marketing budget. The result – new customers recruited with a higher ROI.

Find out how to make better decisions

How the Abacus Alliance Helps You

The Abacus Alliance helps you improve your marketing effectiveness, deliver a greater return on your marketing investment and grow your business.
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